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Per A.R.S. § 48-1012.F, the District has to publish an election notice if it is reorganizing and increasing its board membership from 3 directors to 5 directors if a newspaper is published within the county having a general circulation within the district.  It’s unclear what happens if no newspaper having a general circulation is published in the county.

Forest Lakes DWID is not changing the number of directors so it appears to be okay to publish the notice on its website.

A.R.S.  §  48-1012.B states that “The dates of elections and of expiration of terms shall be specified in the petition for the establishment of the district.”  Has anyone double-checked the petition to see if they’re using the correct date and/or if there is language about how members will be notified about elections?  I doubt they added anything about election notices in the petition but if they did, the language might need to be updated.

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